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24930Re: [SCA-JML] Re: A Nihonjin Warrior in King Uther's Court

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  • Edward Boreham
    Jan 1, 2009
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      A few thoughts from one just beginning on the Nihonjin path, but not intending to throw away my Saxon, Elizabethan, and other armour and clothes:
      In an article offering a suggestion on how a 9th century viking could sit in a feast hall next to an Elizabethan lady without noticing the time-difference, it was suggested that as, for the most part, anyone from more than a few miles away would be regarded as a foreigner and therefore expected to have strange habits and dress, that the concept of "time-difference" would never arise.
      I would suggest that there is little difference between a "foreigner" from 100 miles away, and one from 1000 miles away in terms of the mindset needed to deal with meeting them.
      Any of our critics, who are upset about the presence of Nihonjin detracting from their vision, are surely only allowing their "mundane" knowledge to dictate to their "persona" reactions; and surely that is THEIR problem and not ours.
      Maredudd ap Gwylim
      (whose name was chosen to reflect one of the few personae he has not tried and whose anti-Nihon experience is limited to sad sighs from one of the 14th century mafia)

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