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  • Jennifer Kobayashi
    Nov 4, 2008
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      --- On Tue, 11/4/08, luannesews2001 <Luiseach@...> wrote:

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      > Original question - is Takadai period.

      On Masako Kinoshita's website, lmbric (loop manipulated braid research

      & information center)
      Thank you so much for the website. Fascinating stuff!
      Karakumidai, which uses much lighter bobbins and finger-tensioning

      makes a very different braid structure, basically they are wide, flat

      braids. I don't think you could use a karakumidai to make the sort of

      double braid you can make on a takadai.
      Again, Thank you for the information.
      However, I am still interested in the original question of whether the takadai is period or not. My understanding is that evidence is somewhat speculative. Are there period examples that were most likely done on a takadai? Thanks again,Ki no Izumi

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