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  • seven_add1
    Sep 3, 2008
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, Rich Goble <mcse4mci@...> wrote:
      > Saionji-hime, I'll second that.
      > I've seen breath-taking, stunningly beautiful costume work done on
      both sides - cosplay and SCA. But, as has been mentioned, it's an
      "apples and oranges" thing.
      > Tatsume, here is my two cents - while looking at the pictures of the
      Bleach characters, it occurred to me that some of the outfits worn by
      the characters look like a blend of ancient and modern Japanese clothing.
      > I bought a book a few months ago that may be of use to you. It is
      called "Make Your Own Japanese Clothes: Patterns and Ideas For Modern
      Wear". It is written by John Marshall, and the ISBN is 0-87011-865-X.
      I bought it at Borders.
      > Between that book and the patterns for period Japanese clothing
      available through Tousando, sengokudaimyo.com, etc... it should help
      you a great deal with making custom patterns for your anime clothing.
      > Actually, a quick Googling revealed that Cosplay.com has a Costume
      Discussion section dedicated to anime and manga (and I saw several
      Bleach discussions there). If the cosplay community is like the SCA,
      I'd wager that the patterns are already out there for the asking.
      > - Imagawa Tadamori

      I was not looking for a guide on how to make the clothing or anything.
      I was just looking for clothing terms for fanwriters to use.

      Though thank you for the book suggestion. Someone else had suggested
      it for getting the dimensions correct.

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