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24207Re: Help Some Anime Fans

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  • Jennifer Oaks
    Aug 31, 2008
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      It's been a long time since I've posted on this list, but I'm a
      Bleach fan as well. In an attempt to answer Tatsume's question, my
      best guess would be that the outer black garment and the white
      garment underneath are probably kosode, but with more open sleeves
      like a hitoe or uchigi. If you watch the anime closely, the sleeves
      on the garments of the shinigami don't extend the whole way to the
      wrist, but they are open as opposed to being sewn up to where the
      arm comes through. More than likely they were not so much based on
      historical garments but more likely created to have a certain flowy
      look to them. I know one of the characters wears a fancy full lenth
      pink hitoe or uchigi over his shinigami uniform, plus the captain
      all have sleeveless garments they wear over their uniform, for which
      the proper name escapes me at the moment.

      Are we constructing an outfit for cosplay perhaps? Hope I answered
      your questions without creating too much more confusion.

      Kajiyama Shinobu
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