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  • Maddalena Alessandra
    Jul 5, 2008
      As someone who passed a European style  device purpure(purple) and blue(azure) per pale (vertical split) for the field and  with these same colors and division for  the charge a badge fieldless(no specified background color), it passed a decade ago, but you get some looks especially from heralds if the colors kinda meld, such as mine and a friend who use a green and blue split field
      Maeda/Madd Alex

      --- On Fri, 7/4/08, Elaine Koogler <ekoogler1@...> wrote:

      This is the person who handles submissions for the
      Laurel Sovereign of Arms. According to him:

      "Vert and purpure were certainly not common in period European heraldry. 
      Purpure started out as a purplish gray ---- and wasn't terribly
      popular true purples were so expensive

      However, we do have some examples of both vert and purpure being used throughout medieval and renaissance Europe (East and West). So,  we may try to dampen enthusisasm for OVER-using them, we do NOT discourage their use."


      Solveig Throndardottir wrote:
      > I believe that the prejudice is across the board. Within a strictly
      > Japanese context, both colors are somewhat unusual and may
      > have at various times been restricted. I do not recall seeing
      > purple and green used by banners in battle paintings.
      > Your Humble Servant
      > Solveig Throndardottir
      > Amateur Scholar


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