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24023Re: Device Newbie Questions

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  • Furukusu Masahide (Taliesin)
    Jul 2 10:35 AM
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Thurman Peters <Nichy@...> wrote:
      > I'm not familiar with creating a device at all, I don't understand
      > exactly what that means. Does it mean the way the butterfly is turned?


      I happen to be something of a herald, so I thought I would comment on
      some of your questions here.

      Train aspect is a term used in heraldry to describe a 3D or 3/4 aspect
      figure. This gives depth to the figure and makes it look like it is
      three dimensional. Period western (and SCA) heraldry use 2D figures and
      represntations. Think "flat", "face on", or "side on" items. The
      blossom is drawn in an acceptable style.

      Submitting armory to the College of Arms in the SCA means that you will
      need to have a design that can be descibed using the European methods
      of heraldry. Appropriate design for Japanese Mon really doesn't matter
      from that standpoint (don't get me wrong, I like appropriate period
      Japanese Mon, but from a registration standpoint in the SCA it really
      doesn't matter).

      If you want a butterfly (think western butterfly pinned into an insect
      collection) and you want to put some sakura blossoms on the wings, that
      is possible. The butterfly you have now cannot be described as
      a "normal" "western" butterfly, and will not (yes I am making
      assumptions with this, but based on my experience it is true) be able
      to be registered.

      As far as the sakura blossom goes, I'm not sure if it could be
      registered as such, or simply registered as a "cinq-foil" (a five
      petaled flower) with the depiction being artistic license.

      The other option is this: If you find a design that is in a Japanese
      period style, and you want to use it, go ahead. You just won't be able
      to register it, and it won't show up on award scrolls, etc. As long as
      you aren't using someone else's historical or SCA armory, no one can
      stop you from using a design you like.

      Furukusu Masahide
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