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  • David Nesmith
    Mar 28, 2008
      YAY!!! THEY'VE GOT A PICTURE OF "MY" IRIS!!! (sorta)
      Ishikawa Moritake
      gules, a japanese iris or

      JL Badgley <tatsushu@...> wrote: On 3/29/08, Nick <eldon_seer@...> wrote:
      > >"JL Badgley" <tatsushu@...> wrote:
      > >If you want to get
      > > really spiffy, you can set pleats in the front--this will give you a
      > > slight 'wing' look if you pull it off right without giving you the
      > > monster Edo-period bamboo-reinforced parasails.
      > The "Hitatare" PDF is great!
      > Does anybody have an example of what this looks like with pleats?
      > Or a pattern of where to place them?
      > thanks for any help!

      Here is one (not permanently pleated, but you can see how it is
      slightly folded when worn):

      Here's the picture they are emulating:

      Unfortunately, most of the other pictures I can find are of later Edo
      period kataginu, but I've seen something in between.


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