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  • elwenaduialloth
    Mar 24, 2008
      Hey all. I'm somewhat new to the SCA and recently a few friends and I
      have decided to do Japanese personas as a group. First of all, would
      we be able to all take the same clan name and would we have to do
      anything special to get that passed? Second of all, we have some ideas
      for names that we came up with based on the information in "An Online
      Japanese Miscellany" and I would like some feedback on whether they are
      viable or not. The clan name is Yashiro. The full names in question
      are Yashiro Ryuutarou Katsuaki, Yashiro Ryuuzaburou Harutoshi, and
      Yashiro Hana, although I'm a lot less certain about the female name
      structure than the males. Am I just way off base with this or are
      these workable? We are currently looking at Muromachi period, early to
      mid 1500s. Thank you so much.

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