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23507RE: [SCA-JML] Musical Instrument Questions

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  • rhoward
    Mar 13, 2008

      Here are a couple of book titles that I've referenced in the past:

      Gagaku: court music and dance. Translated by Don Kenny. With an introd. by William P. Malm.
      by Togi, Masataro
      New York, Walker/Weatherhill [1971]
      ISBN: 0802724450

      Gagaku the music and dances of the japanese imperial
      by Garfias, R. R.
      Theatre Arts Books [1959]

      Music of a thousand autumns : the Tōgaku style of Japanese court music
      by Garfias, Robert.
      Berkeley : University of California Press, [1975]
      ISBN: 0520019776


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      I have been researching musical instruments in the Heian period court
      music (Gagaku) and have come up with only a few resources online that
      I can actually use....but they are minimal....
      ( http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/ANCJAPAN/MUSIC.HTM and
      http://inic.utexas.edu/asnic/countries/japan/japmusic.html )

      I was wondering if anyone on this list would have more information
      about this subject, or any information on zithern or biwa construction?

      Thank you for your time!

      Ootani Harukojoou

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