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23156Re: [SCA-JML] canteens- non question

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  • JL Badgley
    Dec 9, 2007
      On Dec 9, 2007 5:53 PM, Richard Johnson <rikjohnson@...> wrote:
      > Some time ago I asked about canteens and got some ideas that I
      > failed to follow other than to make a wooden canteen for my European
      > gear.
      > Well, and this is a long story... edited for brevity:
      > My daughter went to Africa with the Peace Corps. After a year her
      > adopte mom asked her what she wanted for her birthday and Cerridwen
      > said "out of Africa" so Shea said "ok" and called me. "I am taking
      > your daughter to Ireland for her Birthday, want to come along, my
      > treat".
      > 10 days in The Gambia and 20 in Ireland, all paid for!
      > A month off work was impossible with my bitch of a boss but my
      > Division Manager found out that I had been Construction Engineer
      > with the Air Force and asked me to help him build a porch on his new
      > house. I agreed and what was supposed to be a single weekend turned
      > out to be a solid month of hard work.
      > Finally it was done and in return he gave me the entire month of
      > November off with pay and said he'd make certain I had a job when I
      > returned with no problems at all... + $100 cash.
      > Ok, Jane, another supervisor, found out that I did this and asked me
      > to do some work at her house. So yesterday I went to her house,
      > replaced some lighting, fixed some leaking plumbing, etc.
      > She asked "how much" and I refused payment and left.
      > On the way home I had an urge to stop at a thrift store and guess
      > what I found there?
      > three goards and a conch already cut for blowing. All for under $10.
      > The conch isn't a triton but Hawaiian but will do until I can find a
      > triton and the goards are going to become drinking canteens. pics in
      > the photo's section under my name (Rick Johson's Stuff).
      > Sometimes the Gods listen to a good deed and sometimes they reward
      > you.
      > I just have to decide if I will keep or trade the other two goards.
      > That and selling my Paul Chen Practical Pro Katana<g>.

      Nice find! I think I may still have a gourd or two downstairs that I
      haven't turned into a canteen yet... sigh.

      BTW, my wife's cousin was supposed to do the opposite of that
      trip--from Ireland to The Gambia. He was studying the folk music
      traditions and their similarities and differences. Unfortunately, due
      to the political situation, I think he ended up in Senegal instead.

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