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23152I'm back!!!

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  • Rick Johnson
    Dec 2 7:29 AM
      Finally got home at 1:30 am Sat.

      10 days in The Gambia, West Africa seeing how Cerridwen in the Peace Corps lives then 20 days in Ireland.

      Gambia: The women there LOVE me because I do women�s work. I fetched water from the well, harvested Ground-nuts (peanuts) with the women, played with the kids, blah, blah, blah� They think that they should come to America as my wives and let me work in the fields while they sit at home.
      Also went on Trek to the outlying clinics to watch Cerridwen take care of the babies and do her Peace Corp job. Shea sat at each one holding babies so the mothers used her as a free babysitter.
      Never got used to using a hole in the ground for a toilet and showering with a bucket of well-water in the back yard with a street next to the fence. (Note: someone reached over the fence and stole my Hawaii T-shirt while I was showering).
      Btw, there are no wild animals left save a few monkeys and snakes and the vultures that landed on the steel roof of Cerridwens house every morning.
      Bad News: only one kayak in the country and the canoes were so dangerous no one would let us go paddling in the river.
      Also couldn�t do any of the three Dutch Geocaches there.
      And no swords or other African weapons to buy.

      Ireland: What can I say? I thought I would have a feeling of coming home as my mother is from Claire but I didn�t.
      So we visited Barbara and Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, met Olivia, founder of the Fellowship of Isis, in their castle. She asked me and Cerridwen to play some �good gods� in their post-Samhain Ritual Play. Mis-typecasting if you ask me as we should have been the �bad gods�<g>.
      Also visited a number of Holy Wells, Stone Circles, Sheilas and the such. (Note: do NOT drink the yellow water that comes from st bridget�s well in Claire!)
      Shea had a Guiness in every town we stayed at. When we drove through Claire Cerridwen and I finally had that sense of coming home. Claire is a ROCK! But that rock is in hour genes and we�d live there if a) Ireland we not so expensive and b) most of what I own is illegal there.
      Bad News: the weather was overcast, cold and wet!
      Plus too cold to rent a kayak so did no paddling there either.
      Also the Windsockers geocaches should be called Windsuckers as most were gone or damaged.
      And the only swords I could find there were a couple cheap Masahiro swords in one toy store.

      Good News! We brought back bottles of Holy Water from a number of Sacred Wells all over Ireland including from Tara. Plus walking along the Gambia and Irish beaches, brought back a lot of Holy Stones.

      We only took some 871 Gambia pics and 1651 Ireland pics. Then gave Cerridwen my new Pentax underwater kayak camera because she destroyed her Reefmaster scuba camera.

      now to continue unpacking!


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