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23091Stolen armor - Aethelmearc

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  • wodeford
    Nov 5 7:25 PM
      Forwarded from the Tousando board

      From: "Sir Koredono" <donald.luby@...>
      Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 18:37:56 -0500
      Subject: [fightpractice] Stolen armor

      Hi everyone

      I feel somewhat odd posting this, but was urged to do so, on the off
      chance it actually does help, so bear with me:

      Yesterday, in a two hour window during the morning before going to
      fighting practice, my armor was stolen right off my porch (exc. my
      helmet, which was sitting on top of the bag and ignored); I had
      thought it was placed such as to not be visible from the street, but
      was apparently mistaken. The contents of the armor bag were:

      1 set of plastic Japanese-style body armor
      1 plastic gorget
      Japanese-style thigh armor (plastic plates attached to red and tan
      1 pair of plastic EGG Armour gauntlets, incl street hockey gloves
      1 pair of aluminum elbow cops, attached to soft pads
      1 pair of aluminum knee cops, attached to soft pads
      1 pair of soft football forearm pads
      1 pair of plastic youth soccer shin guards
      fighting clothes (dark blue hakama, pair of red brocade leggings)
      1 pair of soccer cleats
      1 pair of sneakers
      several white belts and fighting chains
      various rolls of tape (duct, strapping, colored electrical)
      armor repair tools (leatherman, pliers, &c)

      A picture of me wearing all this gear is available online at
      (rather than sucking up bandwidth and drive space by making them

      If anyone comes across someone possessing these items, or attempting
      to sell them, or has any information regarding it, please let me know.

      Thank you

      Sir Koredono