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23057A bunch of n00b questions

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  • jyrkele
    Oct 31, 2007
      Greetings, noble people
      having searched the net for information on japanese clothing I
      eventually ended up to this site
      At this point, thanks for everyone who has posted stuff on this site,
      and especially Effingham-Dono.

      Because of my curiositiy and too many hours spent on various japanese
      garb sites, my knowledge of japanese clothing is greater than that of
      general knowledge about sca (which is quite limited. Thoigh I'm
      planning to start heavy fighting) so forgive me being perhaps confused
      about some things. Although my local group will be the onse to bear
      with that...

      However, the questions
      First, would a Haori/Dôbuku made somtehing like this be even plausibly
      On Dôbuku, I've only found this picture for reference
      Would it be periodish to make straight sleeves half open from the
      armpit (youknowhatImean) otherwise following the pictures posted?

      For a lower middle-class-ish-not-so-rich -bushi would it be a
      plausible leisure/common daywear outfit to have a hakama,
      underwear-kosode, and another kosode (of darker colour)
      In my opinion it would be authentic enough, as my purse couldn't take
      all too much further clothing at this point...My final aim is a Dôbuku
      sugata, with a black hakama, gray over-kosode (under-kosode white,
      naturally) and a dark blue dôbuku

      Just some thoughts of mine. Thanks already for responses
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