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23020O-sode question: trying them onto the armour

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  • Jason Adams
    Oct 17, 2007
      Hey everyone,

      I have a diagram on making the agemaki bow and affixing the cords in
      the back, but my question is about the tasseled cords that come off of
      the O-sode: Do they wrap around your arm or anything? What keeps them
      taunt to your arm (if at all)?

      Thanks again!

      I have 5 rows of true kozane finished and awaiting lacwuer. UGH!! I
      will take some pics and get them uploaded in the next couple of days
      to show the un-lacquered rows.

      LOL everyone at the house here says its Cracker Armour. All those
      scales with the holes punched are on natural un-dyed leather, which
      makes them look like big saltines :)

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