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22996Re: Bonsai Cutter

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  • Sean Malloy
    Oct 6, 2007
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      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, David Nesmith <txpiper2001@...> wrote:
      > Added to this description, utility knives often are beveled on only
      > one side to make construction and sharpening easier. One sided
      > blades, if laminated at all, were only 2 layers, one hard and one
      > soft, and not folded. Obviously, the hard steel would be on the flat
      > side so that it will be exposed on the edge.

      Also, as it was explained to me in the class on making sushi that I
      took, a blade that is beveled on both sides, if not cutting straight
      down through something, will tend to twist toward a more horizontal
      position, making it difficult to make an angled slice that removes a
      piece of constant thickness, which is important when making sushi.
      Using a blade with a single bevel, and held with that bevel on the
      upper side, lets the blade make a straight cut through the object
      without twisting. How recent that attention to detail is -- or, at
      least, that _explanation_ of what it is for -- I don't know.
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