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22991Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Stupid People

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  • michael A
    Oct 1, 2007
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      --- aimee brooks <rjb@...> wrote:

      > The other sad thing is the massive entitlement
      > attitude so many parents
      > these days seem to be copping, and passing on to
      > their children.

      I'm only 28.
      > Gross as it was, the South Park movie was a
      > brilliant parody of this
      > whole mentality. Kids sneak off to see an adult
      > movie and learn some
      > VERY adult language. Kids get in trouble at school,
      > and the parents
      > literally end up starting a war with Canada over it,
      > instead of actually
      > doing damage control and dealing with their kid's
      > behavior.
      > To quote one of the musical numbers "We must blame
      > them because of us,
      > before somebody thinks of blaming us!"

      the problem is the parents are letting the kids watch
      the southpark too. ever doubt children absorb that tv
      they see..... i can tell you what kids products have
      active marketing campaigns... hear them once an my 6
      yr old son can and does repeat them verbatum.
      Youd be amazed at howe often my son says his friends
      watch all the adult and inappropiate cartonns i wont
      let him see.

      before i end the rant ;), what in the world are all
      these kids doing up watching adult swim????? its even
      in the title ADULT swim. ::shakes head:::

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