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22885RE: [SCA-JML] Source for Incense and Tea Ceremony stuff was, Re: Looking for kashigata

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  • Tsuruko
    Sep 8, 2007
      Uwajimaya up here in Seattle carries some tea ceremony supplies. They have
      a website.


      Murakami Tsuruko

      An Tir, Barony of Dragon's Laire


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      Looking for kashigata

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      > I'll try either the candy molds or pestering friends that can carve
      > (although sad kitten eyes only go so far).

      Good luck with that. I just came back from Japantown San Francisco and
      I DID look in the places that sold kitchen-y stuff, but did not see
      anything except the antique molds at Genji Antiques. (Plastic onigiri
      molds all over the place, but no kashigata.)

      However, and this is a head's up to Solveig-sensei, Asakichi
      http://www.asakichi <http://www.asakichi.com/> .com/
      carries some tea- and incense-ceremony supplies. (If you would contact
      me off-list with your current mailing address, I have a very small
      "care package" for you, as promised.)

      While they do not have an online catalog, the proprietor assures me
      they would be happy to discuss products, orders and direct shipping.
      Their email contact can be found on this page:
      http://www.asakichi <http://www.asakichi.com/contact.htm> .com/contact.htm

      Saionji no Hanae
      West Kingdom

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