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22874Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Looking for kashigata

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  • Luiseach@aol.com
    Sep 7, 2007
      DON'T use Sculpey or other polymer clays--they aren't food safe.


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      That would definitely work, and if you were to use Sculpey or
      something similar, it would be very easy to fire them at home. I have
      some of the ceramic molds that Lady Solveig is talking about.

      However, most traditional kashigata are actually carved out of wood
      (and may come in two or more parts, as that makes it a LOT easier to
      get the molded shapes out once you are done with them). There are
      some examples at http://www.shogunsgallery.com/Kashigata.htm. Antique
      or new wood kashigata tend to be expensive, unlike the mass-produced
      ceramic ones, but you can occasionally find them on eBay.

      Regardless of what you use, it's very important to put starch or some
      kind of oil in the mold so that the shapes release properly. (Modern
      plastic or silicone candy molds work best in this sense.) It is a
      very fiddly "science" and one that is hard to master (something I have
      not yet done) but they do look awesome if you get it right.

      - Abe Akirakeiko

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