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2276Re: [SCA-JML] Ronin

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  • Don Luby
    Dec 2, 2000
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      On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

      > Martin Giard wrote:
      >> I would like to know more about ronins in general but:
      >> 1)The 47 ronins. From wich clan did they came from? What was the name
      >> of the warlord that they served prior to became ronins? Is there a
      >> book on this topic? Isbn?
      > They were from the Ako han. The Lord was Asano Ako-no-kami Naganori. As to
      > books on the subject, there are dozens (in Japanese). I don't know if
      > there's a particularly good one in English, although I know the subject is
      > dealt with in many other books on samurai history (notably Ikegami's
      > "Taming of the Samurai"). There are a few translations of the Kanadehon
      > Chushingura in English (including a really *bad* Victorian one that even
      > "translated" the names of the characters -- ick). Look for titles such as
      > "A Treasury of Loyal Retainers" or "The Forty-Seven Ronin" or even
      > "Chushingura".

      I have one called "The 47 Ronin Story" by John Allyn
      (ISBN 0-8048-0196-7), which I haven't had time to read yet, but is
      fairly modern (first printing 1970), but with the caveat that the
      inner dust cover blurb starts with "Here at last is an entertaining
      account ...", so the historical authenticity may be a bit wanting.
      But hey, it's from Tuttle, which usually puts out good works, and only
      costs $10.

      > Effingham


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