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2273Re: [SCA-JML] Ronin

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    Dec 2, 2000
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      Martin Giard wrote:

      > I would like to know more about ronins in general but:
      > 1)The 47 ronins. From wich clan did they came from? What was the name
      > of the warlord that they served prior to became ronins? Is there a
      > book on this topic? Isbn?

      They were from the Ako han. The Lord was Asano Ako-no-kami Naganori. As to
      books on the subject, there are dozens (in Japanese). I don't know if
      there's a particularly good one in English, although I know the subject is
      dealt with in many other books on samurai history (notably Ikegami's
      "Taming of the Samurai"). There are a few translations of the Kanadehon
      Chushingura in English (including a really *bad* Victorian one that even
      "translated" the names of the characters -- ick). Look for titles such as
      "A Treasury of Loyal Retainers" or "The Forty-Seven Ronin" or even

      It's an interesting story.

      Did you know even though some argued that the Ako roshi were only avenging
      their lord, others who approved with the revenge STILL argued that they had
      *lost* their moral right to revenge as they had waited too long, and that
      had they really wanted to show "chu" to their late lord they would have
      attacked Kira immediately?

      > 2)When a ronin takes a contract/alliegance for someone, does he say
      > it when he present itself to someone?

      You mean like the speech of the former Christian samurai to Blackthorne in
      Shogun? No, not as such. There are similar oath pledges that are signed,
      however, and the text isn't all that different, typically.

      > If yes, how (just an example
      > would be helpful...) My real question is what is the proper way (say
      > japanese phrase stucture and etiquette) to present my persona as a
      > ronin in service of a particular family.

      Well, there is no *specific* ceremony for this. It's pretty much a
      catch-as-catch-can type of prospect.

      > What was the real thing about ronin, more than "wave man" or "samurai
      > without master". Did they got so bad notoriety? Did they have
      > particular common tradition, outfit, etc...

      There was none. Watch the film "Seven Samurai" (more aptly titled "Seven
      Ronin." You'll see seven different people join the group and several who
      don't, and they're all different.

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