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2270[SCA-JML] Re: No means no...?

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  • Barbara Nostrand
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Noble Cousin!

      >Tanaka's.") It breaks down a little for an English
      >brain when you start thinking of "Fukushima's Jiro,"
      >but you get the idea.

      I doubt that it does. Basically, you should understand
      that a lot of Japanese name forms were originally titular.
      It makes perfect sense to say things like the leutenant (sp)
      governor of Hirano or something like that. Or even the
      2nd heir of such and such a place.

      >(Once you get your head around Jiro, we'll tell you
      >you also can use it with adjectives - IIRC, you can
      >answer an informal question like "which car" with
      >something like "blue's," to mean "the blue one.")

      There is actually more going on than that. Adjectives
      are inflected in Japanese. So you can make an adjective
      act like a noun. The meaning does shift.

      >You may have noticed that Japanese plays a bit fast
      >and loose with articles and little qualifying words
      >compared to English. Words like *muyo* incorporate
      >concepts that take several words in English - it
      >doesn't need a "for" or a posession to modify Tenchi.
      >You really shouldn't read too much into the choice of
      >words in English, because "No Need for Tenchi" is
      >really just a translational smoothing of "Tenchi

      Ahh. Don't you mean muko (over there) instead of muyo
      (useless)? Maybe I should pull out Daijirin. I am
      thinking that perchance you are using a word I have
      never learned or have forgotten.

      >Now if you want to get really confused, try to figure
      >out when you use *-tono* and when you use *-dono.*
      >(That's almost on topic, isn't it? ;)

      Not that difficult really. That is pretty much a regular
      sound shift due to co-articulation.

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