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22434Re: [SCA-JML] Naming question

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  • JL Badgley
    Jun 8, 2007
      On 5/28/07, Brendan Barth <barkowsky444@...> wrote:
      > I was wondering if there was any presidence to having karasu or any bird as
      > a given name in period. I did find that it could be femanine but I was
      > hoping that the name be masculine. Thank you all for your help.
      > Ashina no Karasu

      I don't think you'll find 'Karasu' in a male given name. I'm
      surprised to see it in a female name. My impression of 'karasu' is
      usually as something that eats carrion, and thus hangs around the
      dead. It just doesn't feel auspicious, but I could be wrong.

      You may find it as a Family Name or Locative. Karasuma-doori is a
      modern street name--I know that 'Karasuma' is a modern family name,
      but I don't know how long it would have been in use.

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