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22422Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Name Game Question

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  • JL Badgley
    Jun 7, 2007
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      Have you looked at the Miscellany at http://sengokudaimyo.com/ ? I'd
      suggest there and look up the information on names. In short, it is better
      to choose a known name than to try to put Japanese characters together and
      make one up. If you get a better grasp of the language it can be done, but
      almost always trying to impose western meaning on a Japanese name is going
      to end up with something that sounds more fanciful than not.


      On 6/7/07, robertthelost <drunken-savage@...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > First off I would like to thank you both for your replies.
      > Second, I think Yahoo ate my original reply so here goes try number 2
      > The periods I'm currently looking at are the Late Heian Period (898-
      > 1185) and/or the Kamakura (1185-1333).
      > Ok at this point I am now lost. From the things I have read on name
      > structure I thought I would have gotten some part of it right, guess
      > I have to start doing some more reading on the subject.
      > So let me start with the Family Name: Is Family/Surname "myoji"?
      > For my family name I would prefer to have a name that could have
      > existed in period. I would rather stay away from using a name that
      > would show some sort of actual family line. From what I understand,
      > it is possible to have a descriptive family name. So would something
      > like "from the Oceanside" or "from the river" work, or something
      > along those lines? Is "Kawazoi", riverside, if so how could I make
      > that into from the riverside?
      > Common name: Name family and close friends would refer to me by? That
      > name Sanjiro, what does it mean or translate to? "San" is 3 correct?
      > Anyways can a common name be descriptive as well? Does "Kamoku" mean
      > shy or silent person? Would that work as a common name? "My family
      > referred to me as kamoku do to my usual silence"?
      > Nanori: At this point I'm lost again! What would a nanori consist of?
      > From what I've read it would reflect their characteristics or their
      > background. So could something like "Ryoushiko" work, if it means
      > what I believe it to? Which I'm possibly wrong =)
      > Well anyways thanks again for the help. Hope I'm not becoming a
      > burden.
      > Side note: Arigatu � Thank You? Aisatsu � Greetings? Man I
      > hope that just didn't make me look to much like a fool =) Sorry I
      > have had no Japanese lessons other that the things I've read myself
      > Thank You
      > In Service
      > Robert

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