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22373Japanese in the Outlands

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  • Mateo
    May 14, 2007
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      Greetings Unto the Noble Japanese Populace of the Enlightened and
      Prosperous Kingdom of the Outlands

      The kingdoms of the known world have tested the borders of our great
      Outlands and found them well guarded and secure. Should our revels
      not reflect the same vigilance? In very short order, Grand Outlandish
      will be upon us once again. The gates of Grand Outlandish must be
      strong. The gate keepers must be diligent and must not be remiss in
      their duties. The gate experience must be.... fun?

      This year Shiro Sabakutani will be running the GOT gate. As always,
      volunteers will be needed. We will be trolling around al-Barran's
      fighter practice looking for victims...err... volunteers. Anyone
      willing to dedicate some time to make a great gate should contact me

      Gate shifts will run in four hour increments from Noon on Wednesday
      through 4 PM Sunday. ie. Noon to 4PM, 4PM to 8PM, 8PM to Midnight...

      This year I hope to have late-night gate entertainment (when the gate
      is dead anyhow). Anyone with any ideas should contact me off-list. I
      was thinking drums are always nice. Maybe a poetry contest for the
      night owl bards.

      Food and drink will be provided for all gate volunteers at the gate.
      Anyone who volunteers will also get a meal voucher which may be
      redeemed at a more central location on site.

      I hope to see you all there.

      Shiro Sabakutani no Oni