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  • Date Saburou Yukiie
    Apr 3, 2007
      > 1). The bandanna worn under helmets. Just a normal bandanna with a tie?

      Tenugui is the head cloth used in Kendo. It is also called hachimaki. It is tied as such:
      (At least this is how we tied ours in the Dojo back in Ginoza, Okinawa.)

      You could also make a down and dirty Eboshi out of black cotton, with white head ties.

      > 2). The Sashimono (both the flag and pole part) Specifically, the top
      > part that is perpendicular to the bamboo pole should be of a simple
      > "square board", yes? How do you affix it to the bamboo pole so it
      > doesn't slide down the pole? And what is the best material for the
      > flag (Im not doing silk right now), canvass or a lighter cotton?

      The Yama Kaminari use poles made of fiberglass bicycle flag material. The top part that
      ectends the flag is affixed via a wooden or high molecular density plastic knob or ball,
      drilled to take the fiberglass dowl and epoxied firmly. The flags are rectangular, and can
      be cotton or synthetic material for durability and ease of washing. Many of the YK have a
      bamboo section mounted on their back and slide the sashimono pole into it. You could
      make a piece that extends the sashimono away from your back and run the pole through

      A quick tip - make the loops of the flag on the long side firm and solidly sewn together,
      but put heavy duty snaps or velcro on the top loops. This will allow you to take the flag off
      and wash it if you need.

      > 3). Has anyone mixed paint with varnish (or other lacquers) to make
      > fake Urushi? Im just doing the "quick and dirty do" from Bryant's
      > site, so I'm not worried about Uber-authentic right now. I just need
      > *something* for this weekend. My quality armour is still in the works
      > and I am taking my time there. Im making Ashigaru armour for the
      > mean-time.

      I would say just use some good glossy krylon black paint and leave the mixing alone.
      There is no real need to simulate any more than that.
      > 4). Jingasa: the two little pillows that rest your head in the
      > Jingasa, any suggestions?

      Um...make a tube out of cotton, stuff it with some old fabric, and mount that to the
      jingasa with ties...

      What about the rest of the ties? Are
      > sengoku-era Jingasa ties affixed with a chin-loop? Or is that an Edo
      > period thing?

      There are hundreds of ways to tie kabuto and jingasa to your head. Find one that you
      like...it should keep the jingasa on your head, and not let the wind blow it off...but not
      choke you.

      Hope this helps some...
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