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  • Rick Johnson
    Apr 3, 2007
      From someone who barely passes the "20' rule", sometimes I barely
      pass the '10 jyo rule'<g>, authenticity is a wonderful thing towards
      which to strive, but one must balance Period Authenticity with Fun.

      Ultimatly, Medieval Recreation is a game. As fun as it is, it's not
      real life (even if we want to paint our Coleman canoe brown, mount a
      head and tail at the bow and stern, dress like vikings and then
      paddle across a lake to a nearby campground and freak out the
      Mundanes by attacking some tents by the shore that hold our fellow

      So, as much as I really enjoy making Waraji by hand and am looking
      for something better than jutte or sisal, if I must wear macrame
      jutte-made waraji, I don't cry or beat myself up. I console myself
      with the thought that a) I did my best under the circumstances and b)
      it's better than people wearing foam-soled zoris and an aikido gi as
      a costume.

      btw, the towel over your head is just a towel. Tengui I believe. Do
      a google search for tengui and kendo and you'll find the modern way
      to wrap it which should work for you.

      As for the other questions, I'd like to know them myself.

      Rick Johnson, PO Box 40451, Tucson, Az. 85717

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