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  • Jason Adams
    Apr 3, 2007
      Hey everyone, Im trying to get as much impromptu stuff together as
      possible for this weekend and I need a couple pointers real quick.

      1). The bandanna worn under helmets. Just a normal bandanna with a tie?

      2). The Sashimono (both the flag and pole part) Specifically, the top
      part that is perpendicular to the bamboo pole should be of a simple
      "square board", yes? How do you affix it to the bamboo pole so it
      doesn't slide down the pole? And what is the best material for the
      flag (Im not doing silk right now), canvass or a lighter cotton?

      3). Has anyone mixed paint with varnish (or other lacquers) to make
      fake Urushi? Im just doing the "quick and dirty do" from Bryant's
      site, so I'm not worried about Uber-authentic right now. I just need
      *something* for this weekend. My quality armour is still in the works
      and I am taking my time there. Im making Ashigaru armour for the

      4). Jingasa: the two little pillows that rest your head in the
      Jingasa, any suggestions? What about the rest of the ties? Are
      sengoku-era Jingasa ties affixed with a chin-loop? Or is that an Edo
      period thing?

      I think thats all the info I need. If I come across any more stumbling
      blocks, I'll send another pannicked message :) Ive got until Friday
      to get 'er done and make sure its good to go; because Saturday is the
      day of unveiling! ARGH! If I keep pulling my hair out, Ill REALLY be
      authentic with a missing forelock! lol

      THANK YOU!!!!
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