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22082Re: [SCA-JML] taiko and shime-daiko question

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  • aimee brooks
    Feb 1 10:00 AM
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      For one thing, I'm female:) I am waiting for one taiko drum, and would
      like to scratch build my own Shime-Daiko. No, I don't have any drum
      heads around, I'll need to scratch build those as well. If I follow the
      plans for a shime-daiko on the clan Yama Kaminari page to the letter, I
      will have a drum with a body diameter of about 9". But I would like to
      make a bigger one, roughly 12-14" across. How should I scale up the
      dimensions given in the plans to do this? I ask here because I was under
      the impression that a few of the posters here were from Yama Kaminari,
      and might be familiar with that particular project.
      Yes, I do want a few different drums to play with- I'm interested in
      learning Taiko, and not only as an SCA pastime. Outside of SCA
      involvement, I am also starting the practice of drumming for
      spiritual/religious purposes. No, my spiritual path does not dictate any
      ONE style of instrument to be used, or any one playing style, so
      something not often seen like Taiko is perfectly acceptable.
      I had the chance to see a live taiko performance here last weekend-
      sometimes one or more of the drummers would have a couple of drums
      sitting in front of them, and be playing both, almost like a western
      drummer with his drum set. It was awe inspiring to listen to, and
      fascinating to watch, much more so than the usual hippy-style beating
      one usually sees in Pagan drum circles.

      -Hirokawa no Tsuru

      Drums of different size do indeed make different sounds. However,

      > there are lots of different drums in Japan and they are used in
      > different ways for different sorts of music. Thus, I am curious as to
      > what this would-be drummer is interested in and why. However, I
      > sincerely doubt that he has a collection of Japanese drum heads just
      > laying around waiting for bodies.
      > Your Humble Servant
      > Solveig Thorndardottir
      > Amateur Scholar

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