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22080Re: [SCA-JML] GWW Great Western War

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  • Diane Taylor
    Jan 31, 2007
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      Greetings Darth,

      Great Western War here in California had to be cancelled last year due to complications at the park we were using. At the moment, a search is underway for the new GWW site. I'll keep an ear to the wind and give updates when I can.

      Unfortunately, GWW 9 was my last GWW. I'm moving from Caid to Tenn. aka Meridies. But I will still be keeping in touch out here when I leave.
      Hope you will enjoy this board and the discussions that go along with it.

      Kumagaya Tenshi

      darth <darthrimmer@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone i am fairly new to this board, Was wondering if there
      was anyone in California going to the Great Western War. And if so
      would like to get in contact so a greater japanese presence could be
      shown altogether. We have set up a camp the last couple wars, the
      pictures are at fuguvillage.org. thanks D-

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