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  • Sean
    Nov 19, 2006
      Arigato gozaimasu Eckman San!

      What a wealth of material! I must need to brush up on my researching skills, as I haven't run across any of these sources in my search for Japanese culture! Then again I do live in Kansas so "culture" in any form is sometimes as distant as Imperial Japan! (Joking....kind of....) I can only hope that my local library will have a few of these examples. Again, domo arigato! Kuma
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      From: James Eckman
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      Subject: [SCA-JML] Re: Re: Another name/mon question...

      > You can read either "Japan's Name Culture" by Herbert Plutschow or you can read
      > the various writings of Mass.
      > Solveig Throndardottir

      Taking a quick peek at LINK+ I see Mr. Plutschow has some other
      interesting books as well. He may have more, but they may not be
      accessible in the California system.

      Chaos And Cosmos : Ritual In Early And Medieval Japanese Literature
      Four Japanese Travel Diaries Of The Middle Ages
      The Grand Tea Master
      Historical Kyoto
      Introducing Kyoto
      Japan's Name Culture : The Significance Of Names In A Religious,
      political, And Social Context
      Matsuri : The Festivals Of Japan
      Rediscovering Rikyu And The Beginnings Of The Japanese Tea Ceremony

      Is the Mass you're talking about Jeffrey P?
      Antiquity And Anachronism In Japanese History
      The Bakufu In Japanese History
      Court And Bakufu In Japan : Essays In Kamakura History
      The Development Of Kamakura Rule, 1180-1250 : A History With Documents
      The Kamakura Bakufu : A Study In Documents Mass, Jeffrey P.
      Lordship And Inheritance In Early Medieval Japan A Study Of The Kamakura
      Medieval Japan : Essays In Institutional History
      The Origins Of Japan's Medieval World : Courtiers, Clerics, Warriors,
      And Peasants In The Fourteenth Century
      Warrior Government In Early Medieval Japan : A Study Of The Kamakura
      Bakufu, Shugo And Jitō
      Yoritomo And The Founding Of The First Bakufu The Origins Of Dual
      Government In Japan

      More fun books to read!
      Jim Eckman


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