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21793Another name/mon question...

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  • toshirosakuma
    Nov 12 7:55 PM
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      Konnichiwa! I apologize for starting a new series of E-mails in these
      particular subjects, but Im afraid Im new to the system and was unsure
      as of where to put these questions. I am also new to SCA which is
      really why the questions are being asked! :) First off, I have
      mulled over and over searching for a name that had some relevancy, and
      believe to have found it. Katsuna no Sokuma was what I believed to be
      the formal way, with the English arrangement of Sokuma Katsuna. I was
      wondering if this particular phrasing would pass as nearly authentic,
      and if it even made much sense. I would like what we consider "first
      name" to be Sokuma, as everyone in my barony already calls me "kuma".
      Please if you have any insight I would appreciate it very much.
      Secondly, what are the guidelines when creating a mon? I have a
      general idea of what Im looking for, but once again would like to
      create it properly. Arigato gazoaimasu, Sean "Kuma" Summers

      p.s. I realize that my registered name is "sakuma" with an A, please
      disregard as it was a temporary brain fart on my part when registering
      for the group! :) Domo!
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