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21740Evolution of Color?

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  • deanna.baran
    Oct 8, 2006
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      Does anyone have a good resource they could recommend as to the
      evolution of Japanese colors? I'm currently researching colors for
      something Heian.

      "Ao" is complicated enough already, but to use it as an example, in
      the Dalby book, it's reproduced as something sort of teal-ish green.
      (Not exact, but say, something along the lines of #1EC1D9 .) According
      to http://www.color-guide.com/e_blue.htm , a Japanese site about
      Japanese colors, ao is more of a primary blue/cobalt kind of color
      (something like a #0C00CC ). According to the excellent site,
      http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/garb/garb.ch14.html , Ao becomes
      something of a hunter green (something like a #465B22 ).

      The forbidden "kurenai" also presents similar problems. Dalby and
      Sengokudaimyou have something similar to #CC0000, but there's a
      mysterious "karakurenai" that's #CC001B according to color-guide,
      which is calling plain "kurenai" as a much more rose-pink #CB4F6F.
      Wikipedia makes mention of a restricted color called Ōtan, #FF4E20,
      which better seems to match the "orangey-scarlet" that kurenai is
      usually described as being.

      I know that color is largely a matter of perception (as well as
      variations between monitor settings), but there's a big difference
      between blue-green, hunter green, and primary blue. When I make my
      outfit, I don't think I'll have a Sei Shonagon to make fun of my poor
      choice of shade... but I'd like to not be totally off in the wrong
      corner of the spectrum. :o)

      Thanks for your help,
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