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21566Re: Any koto players?

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  • wodeford
    Aug 24, 2006
      My books and picks arrived this afternoon and I just spent 55 minutes
      tuning. Moveable bridges. I ask you, what kind of maniac designs an
      instrument with SIXTEEN moveable bridges? A Chinese maniac, obviously.
      I do believe she will prove to be even more complicated to keep in
      tune than my hurdy gurdy!

      On the other hand, she has a [i]beautiful[/i] voice, especially in her
      upper register - which means the learning curve need not be
      excruciating for me or [i]my[/i] neighbors.

      She is currently tuned to a pentatonic scale* in D, and I'll be
      playing around with some of the exercises in book one to get the feel
      of her tonight.

      *Do re mi so la do.

      Off for a bite of dinner, then more practicing!

      Saionji no Hanae
      West Kingdom
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