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  • avani_pari
    Aug 20, 2006
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      Good day to all (or night, rather). My name is Julienne fille Gaspard,
      mka Jewel. Mundanely, I am a 21 y/o live-in nanny, living in Reston,
      Virginia. I am currently portraying a 14th century Frenchwoman, a
      scribe and aspirant poetess in the barony of Stierbach, in the Kingdom
      of Atlantia. However, for want of another persona to take up the time
      that I do not actually possess, I have begun research and study of the
      culture and portrayal of the Japanese, and have determined that I wish
      to take the persona of a Shirabyoshi. This seems to be a huge
      challenge, and I am looking forward to said challenge.

      If you would, take patience in my insistent inquiring as it comes. I
      hope to learn a great deal, and perhaps with much training be ready
      for some small steps in the life of the medieval Japanese by next year.

      And to begin my insistent inquiring, I would like to ask if any know
      of good books from which I might learn more of the Shirabyoshi. All
      that I have learned is from vague information over the internet and a
      few books that had, at maximum, one page of information, and that also
      very vague.

      I thank you for putting up with my introduction, and look forward to
      being a part of this group.

      Vivats the Dream,
      Jewel @}-;--
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