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  • Susan Campbell
    Jul 11 6:49 AM
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      To purchase Paulownia wood, since Home Depot is unlikely to carry it, you may want to check here, http://www.worldpaulownia.com/html/paulownia_warehouse.html

      There are lots of places that do carry more exotic woods.

      Mori Matsunomae

      Rick Howard <rhoward@...> wrote: Ohayo!

      Several pair that I have (all made in the 1900s, I think) are paulownia,
      photos taken in the 1800s depict paulownia blanks being prepared to be made
      into geta, and a several references (web and print) discuss paulownia as a
      common construction material for geta in period. The geta that I have are
      light in weight and show surprising little wear.

      Any other wood being commonly used that anyone knows about?


      Akitsuki Yoshimitsu - Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Kingdom of Calontir
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      > Posted by: "wodeford" wodeford@... wodeford

      Cool links. What's the traditional wood used? SNIP

      I would not recommend pine if you wear socks, resin!!!

      Jim Eckman

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