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  • Susan Campbell
    Jul 11, 2006
      Hmmm, my earlier replies may not have gone through.

      1. This link is to the structure of paulownia wood. It is ideal for construction of furniture and geta. http://idrinfo.idrc.ca/Archive/Corpdocs/071235/071235k.htm

      2. Paulonia wood is sold in this country. It seems to be grown mostly in Georgia, but here is the one source that I found. The prices seem pretty reasonable. http://www.worldpaulownia.com/html/paulownia_warehouse.html

      I hope that these were of interest.


      Mori Matsunoma

      Elaine Koogler <ekoogler1@...> wrote: wodeford wrote:
      > --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, James Eckman <ronin_engineer@...> wrote:
      >> Cool links. What's the traditional wood used?
      > Pawlonia, I believe. It's ludicrously light for its tensile strength.
      > (I have a pawlonia tansu and moving it from the dealer's was like
      > picking up a cheap styrofoam cooler. I couldn't believe I was lifting
      > furniture.)
      > Saionji no Hanae, West Kingdom
      It may be difficult to find in this country as most of what is grown
      here is exported to Japan...it is an incredibly important wood to the
      Japanese, including serving as one of the mon for the Empress! The good
      news is that you can probably grown your own if you wish. If you
      "google "Empress Tree", you should be able to find several nurseries
      that carry them. I've got several growing in my yard!


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