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2128Re: Mon and law and names oh my

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  • Kass McGann
    Nov 1, 2000
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      > I really don't mean to offend anyone, but I realize, too that this
      > raise many different feelings in people. While I think that
      > our place as Japanese personae or students of Japanese history in
      > Society is relevant, a large discussion on what the Society is or
      > might be better suited to be eventually taken off the list. I'll
      try to
      > shut up now.

      Not necessary, Godric. You and Seamus both make good points. When
      the SCA started, it was a theme party. Today, it is something a bit
      different from what began back in the 60s in Berkeley. Some people
      in our Society are making high-level replicas and doing some stunning
      experimental archeology. Others are wearing sweatpants and T-shirt
      under their plastic armour.

      My general opinion on non-Western persona is if they tell me I can't
      be one, I won't. I do 16th century Irish too. I could live without
      Lady Fujiwara. But if they come down with that ruling, then they
      have to outlaw pre-600 personae and post-1600 personae, and all those
      made-up personae we see running around when the weather gets warm
      enough to wear leather and fur bikinis. <smirk>

      I do re-enactment with other "more serious" groups as well. I do
      15th century Swiss Burgundian Wars, Battle of Hastings (1066), ECW,
      Swedes from the Thirty Years War, among others. I like the SCA
      because of the breadth of what we do. Court wouldn't be so
      interesting if there weren't so many people there. Court in my other
      groups is small and you can't really lose yourself in the idea that
      this guy is King because you just plain know him too well!

      I like what we do. I would love for everyone to have authentic
      persona. But I don't care where we're all from. As Godric said, it
      is much more likely for a 14th century Japanese persona to talk to a
      14th century Italian than a 14th century Italian to talk to a 13th
      century Italian!

      aka Fujiwara no Aoi-hime
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