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2124Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Mon and law and names oh my

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    Nov 1, 2000
      Why are many people in the SCA so against Non European persona? The letters
      are not ESAC. I would think the diversity and knowledge from all of the
      other people interested in this aspect would be welcome. I know I welcome
      it. Its fun!


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      > Noble Cousin!
      > >As a Senschal in Caid (with poor spelling) I think your opprative comment
      > >this whole thing is "if people were to take this seriously." Caid has,
      to my
      > >recollection (which isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination) had
      > >japanese tourneys (one in my Barony that I run and one in Hawaii) and I
      > >haven't seen anyone, especially my Kingdom supervisior, say one word to
      > >about having to worry about not doing those sorts of events.
      > Under the current Organizational Handbook there is no problem with
      > non-European theme events. What the draft copy does is insert "European"
      > into the definition of the purpose of events. Whether and to what
      > extent this one word insertion will be paid attention to will vary
      > quite a bit. I know people who will jump on it, and attempt to use it
      > to limit the sort of events held in the Society.
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