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21103Re: [SCA-JML] On the registering of Mon quick questions

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  • Elaine Koogler
    May 16, 2006
      Horatius at the Bridge wrote:
      > What I find acceptable for a mon and what he wants to try to register are
      > two different things. I went with a map symbol for my mon. He wants to be
      > intricate. And yes, to me its very un-japanese. I just advise and
      > build. I
      > try not to make judgements. I couldnt' even convince him to adapt
      > something
      > from the Matsudaira (sp?) Piece-Goods book. One that he was lookingat
      > came
      > from an Usagi Yojimbo comic book.
      > Incidentally, since my linguistic skills seem to be lacking, Whats a
      > basant?
      It's actually a bezant, and it's a disc that's colored gold or yellow.

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