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  • Rick Johnson
    Mar 10, 2006
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      >>mentioned WW-I. The author argues that the Germans won practically
      every battle in WW-I with a 1:3 casualty rate. That is, if you valued
      your life, you wanted to be on the German side of the trenches. So why
      did the Germans call it quits? Simply, a British field marshal, whose
      name I forget at the moment, calculated that even with scandalous
      British losses, the Germans would run out of troops before the British
      provided that the British mined the colonies for what was literally
      canon fodder. The British implemented this plan. British officers were
      shooting colonial soldiers who refused to "go over the top".

      I find this idea to be absolutly fascinating and my Irish nature wants to believe that the Brits could easily be capable of such a plan.
      Is it true?

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