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20755Re: [SCA-JML] Japanese piracy

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  • Rick Johnson
    Mar 10, 2006
      >>As for an invasion of China. Are you talking about the capture of the Pueblo? Mac Arthur's threatened invasion of China was in the early
      1950's. There was occasional sabre rattling about using nuclear weapons various places in East Asia, but that came to nothing.

      The pueblo was captured by the N. Korea while it was spying on them. We still don't know if it was in international or Korean waters. Considering thehistory of bith the US and Korea, either could be valid.

      I'm refering to the actual military invasion of China from Vietnam in the early 1960's. The US told families that their husbands/fathers/brothers/sons were in Vietnam, which they were for as long as it took them to get through that nation and enter China.

      Body bags were shipped to Saigon and the tags changed from "KIA China" to "KIA Vietnam". I only know about it because of my father's involvement in that invasion which he said we got our asses whipped.

      But then, I was involved in a certain central American war that also never made the news because we lost there too and so was too embarassing to the prez. Also certain medical experiments I assisted with on unwilling American and Arabs. It happens all the time and is mostly kept secret for fear of embarassing the Prez and to encourage the people involved to keep doing them when they should be compared to J. mengele.

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