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20724Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Japanese piracy

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  • Rick Johnson
    Mar 8 3:39 PM
      how many people constitutes an invasion? 1? 1000? 100,000? one million?
      And as for the China invasion, I know about it because my father was one of the soldiers sent into china by way of Vietnam. he lived, others did not.

      My point is not that things like this are activly repressed (as in the Kennedy assissination or Waco FBI film) but that they are conveninetly ignored and carefully avoided, ignored, whatever as embarassing to national identity so that the majority of Americans simply do not know of that action and refuse to believe it when it is brought to their attention.

      This may be why there is so little info on Japanese piracy, it is embarssing so there are very few historians in Japan willing to cover the subject.

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