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20703Re: [SCA-JML] Fwd: Membership requirements/pay to play

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  • Ii Saburou Katsumori (Joshua B.)
    Mar 3, 2006
      > Regardless, the effect was that
      > the Society exchanged the medieval virtue of generosity for the modern
      > virtue of selfishness.

      I understand that people want to discuss this sort of thing as relevant to
      the SCA, but I would prefer to not see it get out of hand. There are many
      other places where the financial operations of the SCA can be discussed, and
      opinions voiced.

      What I would really not like to see is attacks upon individuals or groups of
      people--e.g. the above statement is an implicit indictment against the
      members of the BoD, who are members that are just as involved as (or more
      than) most of us. If this topic is going to stray from the facts and
      information and devolve into modern politics, I'd rather not see it here.

      This is not a thread kill, but I just wanted to voice my request to the
      participants in this particular issue to please remember the purpose of this
      list and to not clutter it too much with off-topic arguments.

      -Joshua B.

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