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20686Re: [SCA-JML] Possible Heian SCAdian in New Zealand

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  • Elaine Koogler
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hera wrote:

      > Hello
      > Saionji: I would love those notes whenever you have the time to send
      > them to me. I have (with help) made a mock up hitoe before which
      > looked good, but I was unsure about it's accuracy. My hakama attempts
      > have been catastrophic.
      > Solveig: Silk that isn't noil is near impossible to find here in
      > Christchurch. The stuff that is even vaguely appropriate looking
      > retails for around 40 to 45 bucks a metre (noil is around $30, maybe
      > 25 on sale). I estimated that minus shipping, a bolt of 8mm habotai
      > would cost me around NZ$220-250 from Silk Connection.
      > And I know it's probably a bit snobby, but if you're going to do Heian
      > why not do the nobility? I love the stupendously sumptuous amounts of
      > fabric and the bad acid trip-like colour combinations.
      > Kiri: If you know any names of silk suppliers, could I please have
      > them? Even if I have to buy 100 metre bolts it would be worth it, as I
      > could easily sell or donate any leftovers to my barony.
      > Cheers, Hera
      Sorry...I don't know of any. If you live in Christchurch, there may
      well be a Chinese embassy or consulate there and they may be able to
      help you. I did "google" Chinese silk and found another place you might
      check out...Discount Fabrics USA at

      You might try searching online as well....

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