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  • Rick Johnson
    Feb 2, 2006
      I agree totally with your last epistle encouraging Japanese-personae to 'not play their game.'

      I recall that my Kingdom encouraged Japanese, Mongol and even Hindu Indian but refused to consider Meso-American or sub-Saharan Africa.
      They also encouraged xianity, tolorated Judiasm but activly persecuted Pagans.
      But they also encouraged the Arts and Sciences as well.

      So we either ignored them when convenient and did our own thing within the group and if they got too adamant, we got pounded on the fields (until we became better than the Knights and Masters they sent against us).

      Some are like that, Some people remember that this is a game and so if we want to have fun playing Japanese fron Hein or Muromachi or whenever, that's fine. The secret is to play better than the rest so when they are wearing denim jeans and combat boots as a part of their "Western European" costume, a good Kimono, Hakama and Tabi & zori goes a long way further than any argument.

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