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20439a call to armorers....help

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  • jake curda
    Feb 1, 2006
      i find myself in a bit of need......i am constructing a armor for wich i can fight in on the field , but i find myself with a lack of tools to make an SCA legal helm in japanese fasion.......is there anyone out here who might be able to construct a japanese helm to the specifications presented on Lord Effinghams sight on armoring.......i am in desprate need for a helm but i would rather not use a standerd SCA helm , as i prefer my armor to be as in persona as i can.....perhaps it is a bit pompus , but i do like to walk out on field looking as much as i can like i walked out of period.....i would be greatfull for any who can provide information or assistance......as always to all those who read this , may buddha guide you in all endevors...
      for ever greatfull ,
      Yagyu Masamori Nobunagga
      (bard and much more)

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