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20225Re: Hitatare questions

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  • Sean Malloy
    Dec 6, 2005
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "Ii Saburou Katsumori (Joshua B.)"
      <tatsushu@g...> wrote:
      > 2) Tie a small piece of thread around the end. Basically wrap the end
      > tightly for a centimeter or so, and then pull the ends together. It's
      > called 'whipping', and you can see it done on rope right here:
      > http://www.ropeworks.biz/archive/AwhipV.html

      That method of whipping works, but it's hard to get tight. The way I
      learned -- and which you can find in _Ashley's Book of Knots_ is to
      make a long, narrow loop in the thread at one end about half-again as
      long as the diameter of the cord, and lay it along the cord where you
      want the whipping to go. Then, holding the two ends of the loop down,
      you start wrapping (whipping) the cord tightly, just as the animation
      above shows, until you've whipped about the same length as the
      diameter of the cord. Then you put the end of the thread through the
      loop sticking out from under the whipping, hold it tight, and pull on
      the other end of the thread (which is sticking out from under the
      whipping on the other end); this pulls a loop of the end you stuck
      through the loop under the whipping, where the tight whipping will
      hold both ends in place. Then you cut off the ends close to the whipping.
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