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20206Hitatare questions

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  • Tim McShane
    Dec 1, 2005
      Do the wrist cords of the hitatare run through loops the way a belt runs through belt loops on a pair of pants? If so, are the loops made of the same material as the hitatare, or are they the material of the wrist cords? What's the proper material for the cords, and are they always white?

      Also, does anyone have suggestions on what materials to use and how to make the decorative knots over the seams on the upper part of the hitatare? I expect they're originally silk kumihimo (tough to find silk braiding 'round here...); I'm sure I can find some round nylon cord, but I'd be afraid of it unravelling (and can't imagine how unsightly burned ends would look in this use...) Or, do the ends of the cords pass into the garment seam, and get sewn up in it?

      Many thanks for any thoughts and suggestions on these points.

      - Shiro

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