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20111Re: A few over-robe questions

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  • Yamana Hitomi
    Nov 15, 2005
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      Wait, is that too long or too short? And remember, the average Asian

      >lady is closer to your size than mine (5'6", Size 16 dresses)! Big and
      >voluminous is the whole point of Heian styles. Conspicuous consumption
      >equals wealth and importance.
      >Have we met? I know I've met Tsurumi-hime and Yoshiaki-dono.....
      >Saionji (Makiwara)
      The 15" sleeves look too short to me. I experimented with half the body
      length before folding, and that looked good at about 36" long finished,
      but I wanted a second opinion. For refrence this is a cutting layout
      that I've used.


      We have not met, but I've known Yoshiaki-dono since highschool.

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