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20104Re: [SCA-JML] A few over-robe questions

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  • Elaine Koogler
    Nov 12, 2005
      Yamana Hitomi wrote:

      > Konichiwa!
      > I have been reading the list for a few months and after browsing some of
      > the wonderful files on the groups site and the links offered by the
      > generous and helpfull people who frequent the list, I decided that the
      > time is right for me to ask a few questions I havn't been able to find
      > the awnser to. There are a few very nice sited with instructions on how
      > to make kosode (underrobes, right?) but I haven't found anything on the
      > sleeve diffrences in the hitoe. How long are they? The pictures I have
      > seen inply that they are open ast both the wrist and shoulder ends of
      > the sleeve, is that also the case? Also from the pictures i'm looking
      > at from the costume museum, the coller (eri?) seems to be about knee
      > length on the lady wearing it. I have made kosode and hakama (not the
      > long ones yet though) and I would like to move forward on this project
      > while I still have momentum. Again I thank all of you for the help
      > you've been so far, just by your responses to other peoples questions.
      > YIS,
      > Yamana no Hitomi
      Can you tell us what period you're interested in? That will make a
      difference so far as how the hitoe are made...

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